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Hello and welcome to today’s blog/article.  The topic is the age old debate: Should you purchase a home with an HOA or without HOA?  We will be discussing the differences between owning a home with a Home Owner’s Association & without.  So with no further delay………………….



So lets begin with the most obvious difference between the two, HOA DUES.  Where there is an HOA, there will be dues & restrictions.

  • HOA homes have covenants & restrictions designed to protect the value of the entire community.  Also to maintain a uniform appearance
  • As a owner of a property without HOA in most cases there aren’t any covenants or restrictions.  Therefore, as an owner you have 100% control of your property.

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Low Hoa Homes Myrtle Beach

2. Powersports/RV Lifestyle

Selecting the correct homes may be a bit more complicated for those of us passionate about powersports & RV lifestyle.  For example, most communities do not allow motorcycles, boats, or RV’s.  In that case, a home located outside of an hoa is worth considering.  That way you can build a garage to protect your RV, or even have enough acreage to ride your atv.

Low Hoa Homes Myrtle Beach


We could all agree our animals/pets are considered to be an important part of our lives, if not thee most important.  Therefore, the lot size is an essential factor.  Maybe you have a passion for horses or just want the appropriate space for your dog to run free.  It is very important to consider all animals/pets when purchasing your next home.       

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